Wayfind buttonWayfind Education is an education research consulting firm founded by Dr. Julie Zoellin Cramer.  Dr. Cramer’s work is grounded in the belief that research is a fundamental tool for improving practice.  Wayfind Education works with districts and other school organizations, non-profits, policymakers, and workforce industries focused on education-related projects.  The goal of the work is to support better learning experiences and environments for all students. We believe the best way to accomplish this goal is to Design with the Student in Mind.TM

What is wayfinding?

Historically, wayfinding is the knowledge and skills used by travelers as they find their way from place to place often on unmarked routes.  These skills include orienting (knowing where you are), decision-making (deciding on your direction), monitoring (making sure you are going towards your destination) and recognition (knowing when you have arrived).   In modern usage, wayfinding is often used in the context of architecture, including signage that helps the user find a path within the built environment.

Wayfind Education uses the metaphor of wayfinding to provide a poetic imagery for our work, as we seek to inform, engage, and impact the field of education and to better align educational approaches with physical learning spaces.