Planning to Physically Reopen School?

So many factors are in play when reopening schools, the first and foremost being the safety of students and staff. Planning scenarios will need to be flexible as you consider the impact of mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Areas of concern include:

  1. Campus-based learning / Off-campus learning
  2. Physical distancing / Community use
  3. Classroom organization
  4. Hallway / Restroom
  5. Staff interaction
  6. Common areas / Libraries
  7. School yard use / Outdoors
  8. Lunch / Dining
  9. Physical education
  10. Non-classroom activity
  11. Transportation
  12. Wellness / Environmental cleaning

To help with your planning, consider the resources from Stanford’s K12 Lab which includes a planning introduction webinar on May 15, 2020, a cross-school team workshop, and a graphic planning organizer.  For information, follow this link:

Image: K12 Lab
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